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Hey. You. Sitting there on your couch, half watching Game of Thrones, planning your whole wedding day on your phone. You might be thinking "Who do I choose as our wedding photographer? What in the world is a First Look!" Pinterest is a dark dark vortex that sucks you in and you need a buddy to snap you out of it! We're here for you. 

We're Katy and Tanya. We've been photographing weddings and families for the past 7 years. Together we've photographed some pretty amazing clients like the amazing chef, Rick Bayless. We've been featured on blogs like Borrowed Blue, Modchoth, EqualForever, and our mom's fridge. (She's also really proud that I have a Bachelor's in Studio Arts from Baylor University in Tejas. GO BEAR!)

As you can tell, we're pretty perfect! Well, maybe we're not, OKAY, we're totally not! We even once misplaced our flash batteries! Not to worry, we found them and rocked it!

We promise you that we'll keep you on track for your Save the Dates, to remind you to schedule an engagement session, to bring you snacks on the wedding day, cause lordy knows you'll be starving, to keep everyone on schedule as much as humanly possible, (Katy is kind of superhuman at that!) She's been known to save brides from great aunts who got a little wild with the Rosé and talked their ears off when they would be shaking their bootay.

Do we sound like your kind of people? Send us a message or smoke signals! Let's chat all things wedding!

our story

Katy and I met like most 20 somethings do these

Before meeting each other we had some pretty fun lives. I can only imagine they'll get even more awesome together.

When Katy was 6 years old she was in a pudding commercial that paid for her first college degree. She was also in a Dominos print ad with the cutest pigtails. If you're lucky, she might show you someday.

When Tanya was about 6 years old all she did was watch Back to the Future in Spanish with her little brother, Richard EVERYDAY!! The only good thing that came of that was, that she can recite the movie and wins all Back to the Future related trivia.

We both have traveled quite a bit:

Katy grew up going to Mexico on boats which might explain why she isn't too fond of seafood but IS a Mexican Chef.

Tanya grew up moving from one Texas city to the next but did get to travel in her college years. She even lived in Florence for a semester and ate all the cheese and drank her weight in wine. What a wino.

For work, we've traveled to Tulum, Italy, and Punta Cana. We have the best jobs!

ALSO...We got engaged last year and we're getting married! We're totally in your shoes right now. Let's go out for coffee and talk about crazy planning a wedding can get. We have some tips to help.

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