welcome to Third coast Photography

Meet Katy and Tanya, two Mexican food loving, Back to the Future watching, omelet obsessed wedding photographers in Southern California. Who also travel to Chicago and all around the world, 'cause who doesn't like an awesome travel situation?

We know how crazy planning a wedding is (because we're in the middle of planning one ourselves!). So let's grab some coffee/tea/wine/beer and share our planning stories! Can't wait to meet you! 

Congratulations, marriage is awesome!

Tanya + Katy

family photography

We're also family photographers! Check out our family photography website for some super cute baby photos. 

Our approach to family photography is that every family has its uniqueness and it's our job to show it. 

We grow without clients every year! We start with their engagement photos, wedding, and first baby photos. We love kids and love that we get to be the ones to document how amazing they are.